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There are extensive spoilers for S25 out there, includng a prospective Final Three.
As always, ANY boot list should be taken with a grain of we know, many are proven wrong.
If you wish to delve further into this, lets keep it all in THIS in NO boot list discussions in other threads, at least until the episode in question is posted.
Absolutely give credit to the person/place/forum that the spoiler belongs to, but direct links are not allowed.  :tup:
And this is for SPOILER based boot lists info is NOT for wishlists or your own speculation unless you have some confirmatory evidence of your own that backs you up.

If you HAVE a new S25 spoiler, welcome and please do post!!

Because spoilers are fun.

Apparently ->

From missyae

They go from 3 to 2 to 1, Malcolm and Denise are only 2 left from that tribe, Malcolm joins Skup, Denise joins Penner

Does this means Matsing loses the next 3 challenges and are down to only Malcolm and Denise, and the two of them each join the other two tribes?? :duno:

Next week on Survivor, per missyae
Next week on Survivor, Angie vs Swan 2, another one bites the dust

Just a few rambilngs and thoughts that might be connected  :lol:

Show contentI'm very distrusting of this guy's twitter. He did spoil HvV and Samoa, but he was fed false spoilers for Redemption Island and leeched off others for South Pacific and One World, passing them off as his own (and I think he's doing this for Philippines though I'm not sure). With that being said, if this speculated boot list is accurate, the vulnerable ones this episode are...
Dawson :(

There was a promo of episode two that showed that the challenge was sleigh-pulling and had a caller. It looks like Dawson/Abi are sitting out. I can't find it at the moment though but if I remember correctly, if Matsing loses, it has to be Roxy since the rest were spotted in a challenge involving diving into the water off of a platform (it's in Russ' intro shot and Angie's too).

According to Beatlebum at SurvivorSucks...

Spoiler 1: Survivor 25 will be called Survivor Philippines
Spoiler 2: They started with 3 tribes consisting of 6 castaways per tribe.
Spoiler 3: There are now 5 castaways left in the game as I'm typing this.
Spoiler 4: The top 5 castaways are part of a 6-person alliance.
Spoiler 5: The top 5 consists of 2 males and 3 females.
Spoiler 6: One of the female is Brazilian, the other 2 females are Caucasian.
Spoiler 7: I don't have much info about the males in the Top 5 except that one is young and one is old.

Spoiler 6 would indicate Abi makes the Top 5 I assume.

There is another point, further on in that thread, that indicates Malcolm is returning for S26. It also details the alleged breakdown at the merge...
2 Matsing, 4 Kalabaw (1 of whom is Penner), 6 Tandang (ALL OF THE YELLOW TRIBE)
Apparently, Denise/Malcolm make it far so I'm guessing that that means that they're the two from Matsing (making Russ/Angie/Roxy pre-mergers). There's no indication of which Kalabaw make it to the merge (though judging by the Twitter connections, I'd say Dawson is there since she and RC seem kind of friendly. Given, it's totally feasible that this is just them being friendly but it's a lead-off point. As for Katie, she seems kinda chummy with Angie which might lead one to believe that they spent some time in Loser's Lodge before headed on the pre-jury vacation since they were on opposing tribes, unless there was a swap.) Also, Abi and RC are not so friendly to each other anymore, especially on Twitter, which would simply lead me to believe that someone who made it further between them (Abi) stabbed the other (RC) in the back. I do think that there is a swap though because the rumored Final 6 isn't exclusively Tandang and the spoiler indicates that the Final 5 are part of a 6-person group.


This is a spoiler board. So please do not use spoiler tags, and please review the "give credit where credit is due " info in the first post. Thanks!


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