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Direct Thanks from Rob!!


WOW! It has been an amazing season thanks to EVERYONE here. All the hard work by the updaters shouldn't go without notice. I know TexasLady started another thread, but I just wanted everyone to know, from me, that without everyone here, this place wouldn't be possible. I can't even imagine how many hours go into a place like this by everyone out there!!

Its so much appreciated. TexasLady's appreciation thread is here:,27902.msg802771.html#msg802771

And I URGE Everyone to go there and say a big THANK YOU to all that made this season possible here at RFF! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT in the Big Brother Live Feed Sales as well!

Thank you Rob  for the recognition! :ty

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love RFF and doing Big Brother content and im  sure i wouldn't FIT so well in any other place!  :hrt:


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