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Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to all the updaters.  You are greatly appreciated for all of your dedication and hard work!   :hrt:   :hearts:   :ghug:

:lolmao:  Thank you!!! :kuss:

--- Quote from: RabbitInTheMoon on September 18, 2012, 02:32:39 PM --- :luvya: :hearts: :hrt:

You folks are wonderful every year!  I'm sorry I didnt' have the means to help this year and have the feeds myself.  As a result, I appreciated you guys more than you'll ever know.  I was able to get through my feedless summer.    :conf:

Especially HUGE thank you to Ugot who I'm sure has giant blisters on each of her fingers from the large amounts of updating she has done.     :luvya:

Again, you are all wonderful and it wouldn't be a big brother season for me without you guys!  : )   Much Love!

--- End quote ---

As a long time  BB fan, but a newb her at RFF, I can only say the coverage given to us by the live feed updaters is second to none. I couldn't do it that's for sure ( 2 finger typist ), and I can assure you all it is greatly appreciated.  I guess we move on to Survivor soon and I have no doubt that the content & discussion will be just as expertly carried out. :ghug:


Thank you updaters for the spectacular job you have done of keeping the game going all through the week.

I did not care for this season and felt that Dan's tactics were dirty and boring after awhile and basically stopped watching the TV but I was at least able to keep up with what was going on through your wonderful work.

And now, it's all over but the shouting!!!   :conf:

GO IAN!!!!   :conf:

Every year I come here to say this. You all are the best!!!  I thought it was an awesome season and you all did an awesome job of recording it.  This year I even got live feeds for a few days with the thought of joining you but realized how difficult it is to watch and record.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  :ghug:


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