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--- Quote from: msjayhawk on September 19, 2012, 06:58:53 PM ---I don't know how the updaters do all that they do but RFF has the best updates of live feeds on the web.
Special, Special, thanks to Ugot for all her updates and cute Smileys that she uses.   :hearts:

Thanks for all each and everyone of you do.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for all your time/effort in posting to these boards.   :hearts:

Makes BB so much fun (and frustrating)  :lol3:   all summer long.

Thank you again       :luvya:

A big thank you to all the updaters! You make the season much more enjoyable for me because I can't get the feeds. :lol:

Obviously new here, but a big thanks to the updaters.  I haven't watched BB since season 2 or 3.  The live updates and After Dark on local cable adds a whole new dimension to BB that I haven't experienced before.  It was a very entertaining season, largely because of Dan's amazing gameplay for me.

a BIG THANK U...its me lol i'mmmmmmmmmmmmm all the this site :hrt:


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