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Want to say thanks to the updaters? Here's your opportunity. There have been 24 amazing updaters bringing RFF THE best Big Brother coverage on the web. Kudos!

ok..i am going to use this post to thank alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll here at RFF..all the updaters...rob, the members...the guests, you are wonderful, and you all do a GREAT job here [the live feeders] and the posters..well what can i guys are just way to funny, you know the game of bb, and I have so much respect,for you all..[ see i had to sing that song, yet again..r..e..s..p..e..c..t, in my head ] to make sure i spelled it right...Grace has a bad habit of just typing, and if i mis-spell...[and btw,it is b/cuz i just got my nails done..and they hit the letter next to letter i meant to hit] that is my story..and i am sticking to it..till the bitter end...anyway..i am going to go make a donation for this site..cuz i know it cost money to keep this going, and i thank you all,  :<3

I was so sporadic with being able to catch the feeds this year, and wouldn't have survived the summer sane without the wonderful people who can devote so much effort into catching the craziness for us.

God bless you all  :ghug:

 :luvya: :hearts: :hrt:

You folks are wonderful every year!  I'm sorry I didnt' have the means to help this year and have the feeds myself.  As a result, I appreciated you guys more than you'll ever know.  I was able to get through my feedless summer.    :conf:

Especially HUGE thank you to Ugot who I'm sure has giant blisters on each of her fingers from the large amounts of updating she has done.     :luvya:

Again, you are all wonderful and it wouldn't be a big brother season for me without you guys!  : )   Much Love!

Thanks for all the updates you have done all summer, thank you :ghug:


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