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Brit says ian deserved to win.

says he played a really good game.

brit thinks ian and her bonded from the beginning because they could talk and just related to each other.  He reminded Brit of her little brother

Brit wanted him to be comfortable

never really be upset.

Brtit feels Dan played an amazing game this season

He set the pace for the season

She thinks ian & dan was the right final 2.

Brit thinks is amazed with how Dan mastermined the season

Says she wouldnt be able to do the things he did

Brit says she can rap....

But she need loud music

On to talking about Danielle...

Brit thinks Dani's game play sucked.

She feels she just played Dan's game

And left to her own devices she never would of made it as far as she did,

For brit, it made sense to hit the reset button, she only had Shane left in the house.

Britney enjoyed having ian around.. he was like a lilttle brother in the housxe.. i ewanted hom to be comfortable i never wnated him to be upset.. i had a relaly good connection with him.... having him ther  was helpful.. and whne he won i was just excited for him

 shpicy you said that  dan and ian deserved to win

 britney dan played an amazing game.. and he set the pace.. and he did what he had to do from one week to another.. i think he and ian on the F2 stitting enxt to each toehr was appropriate..

 brit his lies.. and stuff.. didnt get to me as much..  morals got checked at the door. it didnt offend me.. i was like wow  you're bringng that to the table.. wow.. that's his game and he did it very well

 Missy Z's question: Eminem.  rapping

 britney.. there has to be music  and yeah i  can do it

Shpicy what did you think about danielle game play

 brit.. her game play sucked.. she just did what dan wanted her to do

Brit says Ted was an easy target to beat up on.

Asked about the DRs

Brit says the DRs are not scripted.  She says the rumors are completed false.

If brit had had a week to get to know the Hgs and  chose, Frank  Shane & ian would of been her choices


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