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Brit says she has no hard feelings for anyone right now.

She is so excited to see her hubby.

Brit's interview is over...

Frank is up next.

Spicy how did it feel to kick Ted's ass

 britney..  it was amazing..

 spicy you have great DR's some fans say it's scripted

 britney that is false.. there is nothing there to read off of.

Spicy interviewing frank now.. frank says that he if ian came far in the game he would give him his vote and he did

 frank goes and grabs ted out of ian's dog house

Frank says he tips his hat to Ian, but if he made was out at 3rd he would of told Ian i told you so.

Frank & Ted are reunited....THey would let Frank take Ted to sequester.

Frank says Willie came to him twice and said he was going to get himself expelled for the game.

Asked about Ashley....Frank enjoyed that

Frank thinks there is a connection there, but they are on opposite sides of the US.

Frank doesnt know if he feels he's all-star worthy, but he would come back.

Frank describes Ian in one word...Impretative.

Says he would of sent Dan home week 2

Spciy one word to descrive Ian

 frank imperittive

 spicy what would you change

 frank i would have sent dan and danielle home

 spicy they said that you were arrogant

 frank my back was up against the wall.. i had to do what i had to ..


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