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Danielle and Ian talkingat the BY coiches.

She is trying to get him to come clean with her
He's not telling her much

Again she tells him Dan will win

It is very tense between them.

She told him if he evicts her, he wont get his vote.  if Dan evicts her, she will wait to hear the speeches first and then decide on who to vote for

The entire convo is very awkward.

If I was Ian, I would have gotten up and left by now

She is continuing trying to guilt him to no avail.

Sorry, had to work late all weekend

Dani is just being kind of nasty to Ian  (:;)

Dani, I just want to be straight with you all, nothing personal

Ian looks really sad

Ian, I've never said a bad thing against you or shane

Dani, that's fine.  I'm not going to attack you personally but do you think Shane is going to want to vote you if you keep Dan?  And then he will look at me and want to know who to vote for.  Sorry Ian

Ian, I don't see why, I don't know.  You just forget Dan did what he did

Dani, no but I expect it from Dan.  I know he is a bad guy, not you.  If you take Dan, I will look at you like I look at him.  If you don't understand it, so be it.  You will never get my vote if you cut me, forget it.  And I will tell Shane and he will be so f'in mad at you too


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