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Dani, Dan went to Jenn and told her he wasn't voting for her.  Ashley, Joe, all knew he wasn't voting for them.

Ian, when you used the veto on Dan, what did you expect to happen?

Dani, I wasn't going to use the veto and I thought Shane would keep you.  I talked to Shane and heard they had made a deal.  Dan was trying to earn my trust back, he swore on everything so I did it.  You were supposed to go but not because I wanted you to go, it was the deal they made.  This is the 3rd time he blindsided me, but I expect it.  Shame on me

Ian looks so awkward, won't look at Dani in the face, seems really uncomfortable

Dani, don't feel too hard on yourself. If Dan cuts me, you probably have my vote.  That's probably how I will base my vote

Ian, whoever cuts you

Dani, yeah

Ian, you would think whoever did it 3 times . . . .

Dani, but I should have seen it, it was my own fault. 

Ian, I jsut find it odd.

Dani, if I came allt his  way to loose it to 2 men, I will not vote for whoever cuts me (PP)  At least you didn't cast a vote for Frank or Ashley

Ian, yeah but I put them up

Dani, but we all lied to their face.  At least against me you would probably win 5-2 and I'd be okay with that. 

Ian, I wish this wasn't how the quack pack finished

Dani, thank you friend in there.  Quack pack is broken because of that one man.  You need to think of how Brittney will react too.  She hates him

Ian, I know she does

Dani, just sayin. 

Ian, I just hope we are all friends after this

Dani, I don't know.  I just want some space.  If you want to come talk to me fine, but there isn't anything else I have to say

She goes inside and into the bathroom

Ian, ****!  and heads to the hammock to get his rock on, mummbling to himself all the while

The talk is over. she goes inside. Ian quickly goes to rock the hammock.


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