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BB14 Live Feed Updates Monday 9/16/12 Wednesday 9/19/12 Finale**

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Danielle used POV on Dan

Danielle named Shane as the replacement nominee

Ian and Shane on the block up for Eviction

Dan was the sole vote and evicted Shane

Dan wins Part 1 of the 3 part HOH  "Hook Line and Sinker"  by getting Ian and Danielle to both throw the comp

Ian and Danielle to play Part 2 of HOH

Ian wins Part 2 of the 3 part HOH

Dan and Ian to play part 3 of the Final HOH 

Danielle still in the Dr

 ian and dan talking aobut previous BB seasons

 Dan eggs on Ian to freak out again about Danielle  being upset and ian doesn't want to deal with it :lol:

BBAD just started...

Dan & Ian still talking in the kicks bedroom

Ian i had 5 wins and they are all spread

dan yeah

Ian they like the imagery in the 12 point.. it is the perfect.. and fishies!!

  im out for the night folks!! :waves:

Danielle out of DR

Dan called to the DR


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