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Join us at 9:30PM EST for

The Big Brother Season Finale.

Who will the be the final jury member?

Who will win?

Will Dan become the first ever two time winner in Big Brother History?

Join us Tonight, at 9:30 PM EST,
For what is sure to be one of the most explosive finales in BB History.

It's down the final 3....
Dan Gheesling
Ian Terry
Danielle Murphree
Who will win the Final HOH?

Who will that person take with them to the final two?

Who will be the last jury member?

And will Dan accomplish something, several have tired and failed at....become the first two time winner in Big Brother History?

In 30 minutes we find out.....


Here we go!

In the words of the Bud Light commercials... HERE. WE. GO.

Summer of ruthless blindsides. Dan, Ian, and Danielle left. Season finale time!

Holy... I laughed hard at Jessie's entrance. The first time I've seen that.


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