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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/16/12 Part 2 of 3 part HOH

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ian why do i have to deal with this garbage.. it could cost me  $450,000

 dan it's gonna come down to the speech and all of that..

 ian probably 

dan it's a net loss of zero

 ian if she can get ashley

 dan dude they werent even friends

 ian  the thing w is that  ashley doesnt play rationally.. like Eff'n  when she folded..  omg..

Dan ripped one of the sneakers off the wall

 BB Dan stop that

 Ian i cant believe it took 70 days for someoen to rip a sneaker off the wall

  dan it will be a cool weapon.. step on someone.

 ian it's kinda hard to walk though

 dan what do yo think they do with these once this is over

 and we get fishies so dan can get yelled at by production! :lol3:

Dan put the sneaker back but not how BB would have liked it! :lol3:

Ian and dan talking politics right now..

Fishies since the guys are talking politics


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