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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/15/12 Part 2 of 3 part HOH

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Thank goodness you are here Will! Fighting a migraine for the 2nd night, so ending early

Who would Ian make out with, Jojo or Jenn? 

Ian, it would have to be Jojo.  At least she is in the correct demographic

Just random topics. They all are bored. I'll be glad when they get the yard back so they can hang at the hot tub or whatnot.

Danielle is eating something from a bowl.

Now Ian is eating leftover chicken flavored rice? That is what Danielle just had.

Dan snacking on cheese puffs.

Danielle and Ian snacking on M&M's

Dan doing the table topic questions with them.


They are beyond bored and even the questions they are asking have gotten stupid.

I wish they would just go to bed.

They are slowly starting to yawn so hopefully bedtime is coming soon!

Stupid question game continues.


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