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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/15/12 Part 2 of 3 part HOH

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Danielle used POV on Dan

Danielle named Shane as the replacement nominee

Ian and Shane on the block up for Eviction

Dan was the sole vote and evicted Shane

Dan wins Part 1 of the 3 part HOH  "Hook Line and Sinker"  by getting Ian and Danielle to both throw the comp

Ian and Danielle to play Part 2 of HOH

 :hello2:  Looks like everyone is bored to tears

Danielle and Ian laying in the living room talking about how bored they are and events during the season.  Dani wanted the Maui trip

She's gotten up and went to get a drink

Dan walks thru but can't hear him.  Mic not on or something?  Now I can hear him.

Dan, do you think these desserts from this am are any good.  Did you eat dinner yet?

Ian, I am going to do stir fry

Dan, I am feeling carne asada.  Lets play a game and teach Ian how to tie a tie

Ian, not right now

Dani comes back with Cheeze Its and a glass of milk

Dani to Dan, you've got your "get in trouble" face on.  He comes and sits right next to her then moves over to the other sofa

Ian went and checked the chicken and says it's not any good any more

Dan and Dani going to play 20 questions

Dan, I have to throw in a twisted question every so often

after asking Dani if her favortie teacher ever made a move on her

2,000,000,000 questions continue


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