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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/14/12 Start of 3 part HOH

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They get dunked in the water like bait.  POuring rain.  All have gloves.  Dani waves at the crew???

Dan mouthing something to Ian

Dan Ian and danielle all sitting on a swing and dip comp. it's fishing line and a bobber and fake hook  and then they get dipped into the water and then slammed into a cushion wall! :lol3:

ian is shivering already he's making alot of noise

Dan trying to talk to danielle saying it doesnt rain like this in alabama does it..

Rain, Fish hooks, lightning, and slamming into walls...

What more could we ask for.

Dan says he could go for a dip in the hot tub....

Rain stops, and the HGs get slammed into the wall

Dan says it was 8:15 when they got out there...

That  would mean 25 minutes in....

Dan says they got on at 8:15.  More wall smashing.  Dan is pumped and chatty.  Dani not talking, Ian not talking much.  Dani and Ian in short sleeves, Dan in long

Dan tells Ian they came out there at 8:15

Ian just hurt his knee..


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