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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/14/12 Start of 3 part HOH

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Dan says that he knows the coaches from alabama and that he baby sat thier kids

danielle oh relly? ohh maybe she will want me to do something

 ian do you guys remember  seeing any commercials for our seasons?

Danielle talking about the  amount of people in the house and  mentions ereset

 dan britney did it

 danielle why are you saying this

 an what couldnt britney have hit it

 ian britney might have hit the button but you definitely hit the button


ian says that every comp that frank was in his outfit was orange

 frank bashing  about his hair now

Ian is doing the zings from zingbot

ian boogies was  the best

danielle now says her shane restraining order zing

dan boogie loved it

 ian yeha ..

 danielle what did he say

 ian he said that how she is being portrayed in the house

ian he said let me put it this way you woulod expect shane to be hooking up with kara

 Danielle i wish i knew that before i gave him my good bye message

 ian please dont say anything

 ian hsaid that he wanted me to hate people i this game

 dan what? hate people

 ian yeha he said that you got to hate people to get them out in here and dont i just hate your pouty face

ian is telling danielle more.. and she is eating it up talk about her ass and how it has now shape to it it';s just wide.

Thank you to all the updaters that helped out today!  :yess: :yess: :yess: lets lock this one down and move onto a new thread !,27887.0.html


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