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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/14/12 Start of 3 part HOH

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Dan what do you think the typical fan is like for danielle , ian

 Ian the cat ladies..

 danielle really the cat ladies???


ian people like to root for people that they can relate to not who is attractive

 dan you talk about kristen

 ian yeah she is attractive but i can relate to the brigade. and matt hoffman..

dan i wonder if you hoff ween gets revoked for being a creeper

 dan i can see danielle's fan base being boys

 dan  if a bar woud fly you in  to a bar in kansas.. and you haver to party in the clib.. would you do it for $1000

 danielle yeah get paid to party YEAH

 ian dan did they pay you  for the casting party

  dan  superpass is going to fly y out the top 4 people   and call me cuz i can tell you what to negotiate for..

 dan it's really cool.. usually they bring out alot of people and  pay em

Dan  i made a deal with the local CBS station so i can push my book regarding casting cal appearnces

 danielle so they do trhat? pay you to go party?

 dan yeah t might be you and

 dan ther was a rumor that someone from BB8 got to play beer pong for $5000 but i dont believe it

 ian guess who it is.. and says i would pay $500 not to play beer pong with him..

ian i heard that janelle's contract was that she wasn going to be able to have her baby and nanny in the jury and i heard that  she wanst going to ewear any penalty outfits..

 ian i dont believe the last one.. but the other 2 maybe

an most of the questions you will get is about you and shane

 danielle yeah i know she didnt look thrilled about that

 danielle now i feel how britney feels.. when  she was here i asked her about her and lane and now i understand..

Dan if you get married to someone else than shane  would you sit and watch  BB with him

 danielle ohh. uhhh.. ummm.. it would make me  get back in that moment.

 ian i hope you and shane work out

Danielle i can see me and shane working out after this ian


ian frank couldnt be on BB12 cuz of how fishies

 ian frank was saying that if he was on BB12 that he would be on the brigade and they would carry him  all the way..

ian BB13 was really bad

 danielle yeah they were vindictive

 ian yeah they were very bad,

ian talks about the people he got evicted as KILLS :lol3:


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