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Is Dan the best Big Brother Player Ever?

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I truly believe he is     :hoot:     :hearts:

I voted Yes, he really is the man in this game :yess: :hearts:


When Dan told his lies while swearing on a bible and his grandfathers cross I'd say that puts him in the category of the scariest, most bottom feeder player of all times. 
Wonder what the people at the Catholic school that he teaches at will think about that?  He lacks moral scruples to the point that he will a bible and a cross and throw his religion under the bus for greed.

Look at his face on the feeds of the recent endurance comps; his ugly face morphs into the devil.  SCAREY  :o  :o  :o  :o  :o  :o  :o

Dan's a master manipulator.  He brought the bible in to Frank's HOH and swore on it to tell him the truth about what was going on -- pulled the Ian card to take the heat off of him-- Frank took the bait and the next thing you know-- Dan's off the block.  Genius move.  He did it again with Dani-- got her to take him off.  So far he's on track.  My only concern is did he make a wrong move when he bounced Shane out the door.  These hg's can only be ticked at the fact that Dan outplayed them.  He didn't remove himself from the block, others did.  Its outplay and outlast.  Whether he wins or not-------we can only wait and see.

Well we will have to wait and see if bottom feeder dirtbag and throwing your religion under the bus can bring in the win for BB.

If it does, the game will never be the same.  I'm still rooting for Ian or Danielle.  :tup:


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