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Is Dan the best Big Brother Player Ever?

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I ask because I remember in the past ....part 3 was not on the finale night and the 2 finalist had a
day or 2 alone in the house before facing the jury...  Dick and Danielle was like that.. The season june won it was like that and quite a few others.... When did they switch that ?????


Dan is the scummiest person I have ever watched on reality TV.  He is bad bad bad and demonstrates definite sociopathic qualities.  It is downright scarey that he teaches young people.  He should not be working with people in general, let alone young impressionable minds because he exudes nastiness and evil.  His school should strongly consider getting rid of him unless they want their students to be taught and modeled by a sociopath.

And Dan, no one cares about your cra**y books so shut your face already about them. Get over yourself.

i don't know..
i can think of alot worse .. Dick Donato, Russell Hantz, Johnny Fairplay, Colton Cumbie , Richard Hatch, Natalie Martinez, Puck (Real Word) Tiffany Pollard (ILNY) Janice Dickinson,Omarosa,
Lacey Conner (ROL ) the list goes on....

It's close between Dr. Will & Dan but right now I give the edge to Dan. Dan's Funeral speech/Saving himself IS the greatest moment in BB history.

Dr Will was right Ian did go all the way... what?!

Dan perhaps the best players ever. I think when someone won a season already it's hard for him to win another. Just imagine if Dr Will gets to final with Boogie. Will he win again?


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