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Is Dan the best Big Brother Player Ever?

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I may not like the man, but I have admit he has a chance to do something no one else in BB history has ever done and win 2 seasons...

He has played everyone this season like a fiddle, telling them what they wanted to hear when they wanted to hear it.

He has made it to the final 3...a feat never accomplished before by a previous season winner.

Like i said, I may not like him, but I beleive he may very well be the best player to ever player Big Brother...


I say YES! Dan is the best BB player ever! I happen to have been pulling for Dan this season and after thinking he may be a goner more than once what do you know he lives to fight another day...he is the Master at this game  :hoot:

I really think he is! He talked Danielle down so now all he has to do is play the 3rd comp. Dani and Ian have another one to do before they get to the final. Either way, it's not his doing no matter which one of the two win the 2nd comp.

I haven't watched Dan's first season yet but from what I've seen him do on this season he's definitely the best! (even though he's not my favorite)
What he did last night was amazing and shocking and I can't imagine any other player doing something as shocking as what Dan did.

It doesn't help that you have a bunch of competitors who are completely misted by Dan. :lol: But since I've started watching Big Brother, he's been the best player I've seen-dirty, but tons of big moves!


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