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BB14 Live Feed Updates Thursday EVICTION DAY 9/13/12

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Jenn Evicted 2-0

Danielle wins HOH " Photographic Memory"

Danielle Nominated Ian and Dan up on the block

Danielle won POV

We will post here when the LIVE FEEDS come back on or BBAD which ever comes first! :jumpy:

Feeds are back!  But they keep looping  :groan:

Danielle, Dan and Shane sitting on the sofas just talking about past convos with other house guests.  About when the girls played Never Have I Ever . . . .

Dan wants to know what questions were asked and I'm not typing it all the sexual stuff that was said  )-**

Dani wants to know what the guys talk about.  Dan responds that he asks the questions, doesn't answer them.

Shane, that's true.

Shane was going to say he was gay when he first came into the house


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