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TAR21 Airing (Australian Viewers) Double Eps until finale. Look at my last post.

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Glamazon Racer:
Yay at the double eps and the earlier time! <3

But theamazingracer21, you are slightly incorrect in saying that the finale will air hours after the US, because the finale airs this week in the US (December 9) while we get it the following week (December 17). :cmas16

Still - it's much better than before!  :cmas9 :cmas23

My mistake.

Didnt know it was a 2 hour finale in the US sorry

Story time

Twas the night before the TAR finale and the Ebenezer Scrooge's that was channel 7 discides to steel the sleep of TAR fans by airing TAR at the 22nd hour of the day after horrable repeats of 3 cheep New Zealand cop show facturals which no one in their right mind would watch.

(I wanted to go Xmas with the Xmas theam and the week or so to Xmas)

Well that's our 7-hating over for a year.

Unless they cancel TARAus. :P


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