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BB14 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 9/11/12 thru Wednesday 9/12/13

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Now switched to Trivia.

Because of a taped eviction today, we are expecting the feeds to be down today and tomorrow.
According to Superpass:***Big Brother Live Feeds Will Return Wednesday Evening*** When they return we'll post!

In the meantime we encourage our members to visit our Big Brother boards and our Live Feed Discussion thread.

We also have other reality show topics and we encourage you to join in the discussions!

RFF guests, we would love for you to join us as a member and jump in! 

BB Leaks from the crowd outside!! Jenn gone! Dani new HOH!

What you can see today on Superpass -
10am BB time Fan Recap
1 pm BB time Live with Wil Heuser
3 pm BB time Live with Boogie

Thank you to all the updaters lets  lock this down  and move onto a new thread!~ :tup:,27870.0.html


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