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BB14 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 9/11/12 thru Wednesday 9/12/13

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I take that back, Danielle shows up and just kind of wanders around the kitchen trying to look busy

Out of nowhere, Ian says, Another thing about Frank is that he pissed all over the toilet seat  :eww

Danielle backnto the kitchen and helping dry the dishes.  Dan wiping up the counters.  Ian putting stuff away.  Jenn continues her work out.

Shane announces he still needs to shower today

Ian, the kitchen looks clean since the first time we've been here.  Plus the ants kind of cut out after a few certain people let here

Shane, true statement

Ian out back to get his hammock on

Dani back at her chest of drawers messing with something

Dan wandering thru the house and decides to thaw some ice cream so heads into the store room

Shane looks like he has some clean clothes for a shower

Dani getting laundry together


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