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BB14 Live Feed Updates Monday 9/10/12

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Shane and Dani back.  They met the US Olymipic gymnasts tour!

Dani loved Gabby, telling everyone how she won the gold.  They have boxes of Corn Flakes.  They knew who they were.  Said the show was amazing

Danielle and Shane are back!

They came back with huge box of Corn Flakes with the Team USA Women Gymnastics on the front, they won gold  at Olympics.

They each got autographed ceral boxes. They met the Fab 5

Rode in a limo. Gas is 4.33 a gal.

They really think it's cool that people recognized him

Keep saying how wierd it was being outside of the house.  Didn't know what to talk about other then the ones in the house.  Dani said she started crying because they have no life.  It was very overwhelming because of the 3 different camera crews and how people were trying to figure out who they were adn were pointing but some people knew them.  They did get to listen to the radio for about 20 minutes because the limo driver left it on.


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