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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/9/12

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Shane doing some smack talk about Brittney and Danielle totally jumping on that bang wagon  (:;)

Jenn still in the DR

Jenn back into the kitchen but not talking and nobody says anything to her either

Shane, doesn't that kid ever get sick of rocking?  :lol:

Dani, geeze these challenges look way easier on TV

Dan, yeah because of the new guy

Jenn comes in and says something but she didn't have her mic on so couldn't hear

Dan, I was copying off of you!

Dan and Danielle going to sit at the table for their dinner he cooked for them.  Dan clears the table of all the junk before he sits down.  Dan tells Shane there is plenty.  Shane is going to do some laundry and then might get some

Dan told Danielle he doesn't think he'll do BB again.

They are eating at the table now.


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