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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/9/12

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Frank Evicted 3-1

Dan win 1st HOH in Double Eviction "Make Your Case" with a Tie Vote correct answer

Dan Nominates Ian and Joe on the block

Ian wins POV  "Swimming with the Sharks" 

Ian Pulls himself off the block

Dan names Danielle as the replacement nominee

Danielle and Joe are up for Eviction

Joe is Evicted 3-0 vote

Ian is the New HOH

Ian got a Pandora's Box

The Good: All the  other HG's got a video blog from their families

The Bad: Ian got a Rachel Reilly BB12 and Winner of BB13 on a video blog! 

Ian Nominated Jenn and Shane on the block 

Shane won POV

Jenn got ill from the comp and had to be lowered down


Shane won a prize  from the comp TBD

Dan, Dani and Shane it kitchen talking about getting out all of Janelles team, how good she was

Shane, this was the hardest season for newbies.  Last seasons newbies didn't have the will to win. 

Dan, I always think this guy would have mixed it up in here but he lost his mind (willie)

Dani, I'm still exhausted.  I got up and did my DR but went back to bed and slept until 2:30

Shane, do you think the live feeders know about the comp?

Dan, they have probably figured it out by now.  If not, Shane won :lol3:

Dan explaining to Shane about his season on the first HOH and how everyone had to vote without even talking to anyone..  Dan originally voted for Jessie but they got messed up and had to revote and he changed his vote to Jerry

Ian doing his usual, hammocking

Dan, Shane and Danielle at the kitchen. Dan cooking something.

Jenn ??


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