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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/8/12

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Frank Evicted 3-1

Dan win 1st HOH in Double Eviction "Make Your Case" with a Tie Vote correct answer

Dan Nominates Ian and Joe on the block

Ian wins POV  "Swimming with the Sharks" 

Ian Pulls himself off the block

Dan names Danielle as the replacement nominee

Danielle and Joe are up for Eviction

Joe is Evicted 3-0 vote

Ian is the New HOH

Ian got a Pandora's Box

The Good: All the  other HG's got a video blog from their families

The Bad: Ian got a Rachel Reilly BB12 and Winner of BB13 on a video blog! 

Ian Nominated Jenn and Shane on the block

BBAD just started

Ian listening to his CD in the HOH

Dan laying on the LR couch

Danielle at the kitchen table

Shane went to use the potty

Jenn napping

Rummy game over and Shane announces he needs to pee  :groan:

Dani just sitting at the table messing with the cards

Ian still rocking it out in the HOH to the music

 Dan still laying on the sofa

Jenn had been called to the DR but Shane said she was sleeping, so no idea if she went or not

Hi Will  :waves:  Looks like it will be a boring night

Dani into the store room for some candy

Danielle washing dishes

Shane eating a nectarine

Jenn to the DR


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