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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/7/12

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Shane and jenn in the kitchen

Jenn says that she was off by one

Cams follow ian into the boom boom room and then  he paces back out

Jenn i dont see him putting up shane

Dan danielle had a bad rolll.. that's the name of the game

 jenn i almost won the hoh and i almost won the POV.. i just dont know why i cant pull a win with them yet..

Dan you're not done yet you still have the POV..

 Jenn ian is not putting up danielle

 jennn if he does i will be shocked..


Dan to ian good job man.. it came  down to the wire

ian yeah i saw shane and i was dunzo city.. mean he thought he  was lost

Dan when did you get yoru basket

 Ian it was late like 11;30

 dan werent you just up there?

 ian i was NOT HOH for about 6 hours :lol3:


Jenn that little bastard is gonna put me up

 dan he's got to be the favorite..

jenn we should have gotten him out early

Dan staring at the memory wall

Yep, Ian won HOH. Dani said she wanted to win it so bad.
Jenn said she almost won it.
They said something about memory & something about a "roll"
Jenn & Dan know that Jenn would go up, but don't know who else. They say it wont be Shane
Jenn would be shocked if he put up Dani
Ian joins Jenn & Dan in Kitchen
Dani & Shane in arcade
Shane says we have to keep our F3 with Dan because he saved us.
Trying to figure out jury votes.
Ian has 3 HOH & 2 POV's now.
Shane says he should have won.  Then it would have been Ian & Jenn on the block.
(Nobody in the house is happy that Ian won)
Shane & Dani say neither of them have a f2 with Ian.
Dani wants to ask Dan what he thinks Ian will do.
Ian said something about drawing numbers?
Shane says if Jenn wins POV they are screwed (true)
Dani is emotionally drained.
(I'll let the BBAD people take over now, goodnight)


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