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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/7/12

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Frank Evicted 3-1

Dan win 1st HOH in Double Eviction "Make Your Case" with a Tie Vote correct answer

Dan Nominates Ian and Joe on the block

Ian wins POV  "Swimming with the Sharks" 

Ian Pulls himself off the block

Dan names Danielle as the replacement nominee

Danielle and Joe are up for Eviction

Joe is Evicted 3-0 vote

Ian is the New HOH 

We are currently on trivia awaiting the new HOH to be crowned

1 Hour Mark of Trivia for the New HOH to be crowned! :conf:

BBAD is about to be on and the feeds are not back..  I'll try and hang out to post till the feeds come back on

Dan in Arcade room will danielle

danielle is crying that she is so bad.

 dan  you dont  want to win that one

 IAN WON HOH!!! :cheer:


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