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BB14 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 9/4/12

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Dan made himself and Danielle a toasted bread with honey and something

Jenn heads out

Dan and Danielle chatting on BR couches, eating their sugar toasts. It repulses me that people would eat in the BR

Shane, joe, Frank and Jenn in the Hot tub

Dan and Dani in the BR talking about

Dan asking what stuff what did i do today that crossed the line?

Dani says she never wanted to be looked at like a villan, and she told him that, and brings up Janelle getting voted out, Shane made a comment at the table too, and the funeral was rehashed at the table during card playing, she wasnt mad, but her feelingw were hurt. 

Shane comes in and Dan says hes learning that he can and cant say about Danielle that will upset her or not. 

Dan says Dani's nonmination speach was not offensive (about janelle) and Dani says i tld the house why i was making the decision.  I didnt feel bad anymore whe she came to the room. 

Shane enters the BR to change so he can work out

Jenn to the DR

Dan teasing Danielle and Shane about their showmance or whatever it is they got going

Shane (in the BR with Dani and Dan) Frank thinks hes good , Ian comes in says the same to him.

Danielle says it doesn bother her when Dan makes comments,
Dan like when i say stuffa about you and Frnak making out?

Dani, doesn't bother me

Shane says hes made the move 3 times. dani says shes never shut him down ...when?
shane.. when i kissed the back of your neck,
danielle denying it
dan agreeing with that move, it means somthing

Dani he called me a tease

Dan shut it down.  there are places you can go in this house that you are not on camera. 

Shane i can handle it, i am older and more mature that you.

Shan calls Danielle a negative nancy.  a message should have turned into more one night but it didnt. 

The Dan/Danielle/Shane convo is funny.

Frank walks thru to use the potty


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