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Coverage in this thread starts with Sunday, 9/2/12  and runs to the last show before finale night...

Finale Night will have a seperate special thread.

Previously on BB...

With Frank in Power....

He targeted his arch emeny Dan

And Dan seemed to be a Dead man walking

But he came up with a master plan, that will go down in BB history.

When Dan Sold out Ian & Brittney...

Frank considered Dan's proposal.

Two formal rivals work together

A new alliance is formed

And at the veto meeting...ian & Brit get blindsided

A war of words erupts...

Dan laid low

At the live eviction...Brit's summer came to an end.

With only 7 HGs remaining...who will be the new HOH

Who will be nom'd

And pandora's box back again

The start of the HOH....

the comp begins, the spray starts....

Frank in DR...if ian wins I go up.

Jenn In DR...last week i made a big move, when you make big moves you become a big target.

ian in DR...stakes going into this HOH are huge.  I dont feel safe with brit gone so I have to win

Cut to the Brit eviction

Shane in DR...Felt Brit would of taken Ian to the final 2, instead of him

ian in DR...Brit paid the utimate price for my actions.

Dan in DR...this season I have to play much more ruthless.

Frank in best thing was to send Brit home...Mission accomplished

Joe is the first out of the HOH....2 minutes...

Joe walks over to the box...and get his punishment...

24 hours of hula hoop boot camp...everytime he hes military music he has to hula hoop till it stops.

The comet comes out....

Ian mocks the comet...because comets are made of ice, and it was orange.

5 minuts...jenn is out

Ian comes to Dan to reunite the Quack Pack...

5 hours before live show.

Dan tells Ian he had to do what he had to do.

ian says he is going to do what every he can to keep the 4 in this game.

Dan goes to smooth things over with Shane.

Shane says its best if we start over and smooth things over.

Dan I could be right in the middle of two alliances if this works out

My loyalty lies with myself.


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