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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/2/12

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Frank, how are you feeling about it?

Dan, good you just have to make sure you ahve that 3rd vote.  I don't think it should be a problem

Frank, we should be looking good going in for HOH Thursday

Frank is playing with the blocks at the table

Ian in DR


Frank left by himself int he kitchen.  Thought Ian went up to the HOH to use the bathroom.  Dan asked him to bring down the gummy bears

Shane, Joe and Dani still sitting with their feet in the tub.  Dan is now rocking Ian style on the hammock

Dan went to test out the new hammock. He liked it.

Ian out of DR

Frank continues to build a building out of the blocks

Danielle now laying on the hammock.

Ian joins Danielle. She's asking him about Joe

Dani on the hammock now.  Dan on the patio.  Ian comes outside and see Jenn on the hammock.

Dan gives him a hard time because she took his spot.  Says they should get some pool in tonight

Joe going to fold some clothes.

Dani invites Ian over to swing her back and forth

Dani, had to get away from Joe.  He was trying to convince me Dan was upstairs throwing me under the buss

Ian, he was just reassuring me he wasn't going to use it.


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