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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/2/12

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Dan and Joe in the arcade room

Dan, where are you this week

Joe, I kind of considered myself on Shane's side.  I'm kind of the last man on the totum pole

Dan, I think what I did forged those two together

Joe, and with Britt gone that really hurt me.  She was an ali of mine.  I dont' want you to use the veto.  It benefits me so I don't go up and I will guarantee saftely for you if I win something for the week. 

Dan, I know a lot of people want me out, I'm open to all options.  I will still talk at any time.

Joe, I dont' talk unless there is a reason to talk game.    All I am saying there is no real reason to use the veto this week

Dan, I will consider it since what you are offering me, gives me something to think about

Joe, it's going to be a quick two weeks so something has to get broke up somewhere.  It has to

Dan, I'm sure you see that I"m trying to get into the good grace of people after what I did

Joe, I don't know the whole story but I admire it for one of the best game plays evers. 

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