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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/1/12

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Dani talking to herself:  I wonder if the veto will be played tonight.  Hmmmm

wiggles around a bit, shaking her foot nervously

I'll post if anything changes but otherwise assume they are napping and quiet

Danielle up and tries to get into the store room but they don't let her in.  So, she tries to get into the DR and they finally let her in there

Danielle buzzed in to the DR

All others down and out.

Danielle out of DR, goes to the kitchen and is snacking a little.

Had fishies while Dani was in the DR and when we come back she is in the kitchen munching on something.  Stood in the corner of the kitchen for a bit and now back to munching.

Exciting times in the BB house  (:;)


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