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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/1/12

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Britney Evicted 4-1 and  is the 2nd person at Jury

IAN Wins HOH "Soak Up the Sun "

Joe out first and receives a punishment for being out first

Joe had to Hula Hoop every time he heard Military Music COMPLETED

Ian got Pandora's box.

THE GOOD: It was Christmas Themed Ian got presents and toys

THE BAD: Jessie Godderz BB10 Returned to the house.

Jessie  took ALL the food away from the other HG's. Shot some ZINGERS at them and left them with some organic food

Frank and Jenn have been Nominated  and are up on the block

POV Players Picked Ian Jenn and Frank, Dan Danielle and Joe, Shane is hosting

BBAD just started.

Most hg's are napping.

Frank now going to lay down.

Shane plans on doing the same

Danielle laying on the LR couch

Napping currently: Dan, Joe, Ian, Jenn, Frank. 

Contemplating Napping:  Shane

Laying down currently, Dani. 

All is silent.

And, I'm out for hopefully a BBAD updater or two to take over. Crossing fingers it isn't a late comp.

Not much to update.  Dani laying on the sofa in the living room on feeds 1 & 2

Jenn and  Frank on the round bed in the boom boom room sleeping.  Jenn gets up and moves into the arcade room and reads the bible for a minute.  Now back in bed.

That's the excitement for the evening so far. 

Danielle is falling asleep on the couch. She will  get called out for that.

shane now going to lay down on Danielle's bed.

Jenn up goes to arcade and read something from the bible and goes back to bed

Danielle awake, in deep thought


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