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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 8/31/12

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Britney Evicted 4-1 and  is the 2nd person at Jury

IAN Wins HOH "Soak Up the Sun "

Joe out first and receives a punishment for being out first

Joe has to Hula Hoop every time he hears Military Music and for as long as it plays

Day 56...Starts with Fish on the feeds

Joe gets 24 hours of Hula Hoop Boot camp, every hour on the hour, should be fun to see

We have a carrot  in the kitchen..

Frank dan is wathcing that clock..

Joe making pizza's

Ian in the shower..

 Danielle tending to shane in the bathroom

Ian did you feel that?

 Danielle. what?

 Ian that  we have a 1 in 6 shot at a 1/2 mil dollars and fish!

Jenn whispers to Joe that she is probably going on the block

Joe says he thinks Ian will put up Frank but Jenn says she will be beside him

nite all  :waves:


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