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BB14 Live Feed Updates Thursday EVICTION DAY 8/30/12

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Frank HOH

Dan is the ONLY Have Not

America chose Matzoh's and Mozzarella

Frank still in his Carrot suit

Jenn on slop till she leaves or end of the game

Britney and Danielle are up for Eviction 

BBAD just started

Joe continuing cooking dinner.

Jenn is going to fix some slop burgers

Frank watching from the dining table

One last cap, Joe helping Jenn fix her slop concoction, Frank watching. 

Jenn asks to use the HOH bathroom, Frank tells her OK.

(I'm out for the nightl )  :nitenite: Will  :<3

Cooking continues

Most others chatting in the bathroom lounge

 :hello2:  Just have to say the show was really great tonight!

Ian, Shane, Dan, Danielle and Britt in the bathroom talking about names and what other names they look like

Britt, Frank looks like an Elliot to me

Dani, I'm a Brooke

Dan, you look like a Jill Britt.

Britt, no I want to be Vivian or Piper


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