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TAR 21: Gary Wojnar & Will Chiola "Best Friends/Substitute Teachers"

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--- Quote from: Mug Costanza on October 24, 2012, 09:44:40 PM ---How is that a worse comeback than Jet & Cord, who were bunched on the same flight as everyone else and were never at any point in risk of being eliminated throughout the entire leg?

--- End quote ---

Re-watch the episode , Mug. Jet and Cord were afraid of elimination when their cab left and all other teams had a cab already. Even been the biggest fan of the cowboys , i think Brian and Greg's comeback was the best one.

I went back and watched episode 3 again after reading these comments.  It was a very exciting finish, one of the best in AR history.  I thought it was great how Gary and Will kept moving and being positive despite their apparent forth-coming elimination. Great comeback and finish!  It just goes to show no matter how bleak it might look on the Race, it's never over till Phil says it's over!  I did like Team Michigan. It is too bad their luck ran out next leg when they caught a bad taxi in Dhaka according to them. I found this article from Canada about it.
Oh well at least they took the high road and refused to blame bad taxi luck on their demise.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and the little things in their adventure.   Transportation issues are biting alot of teams this season!  But that is just part of the Race I guess and one of the many reasons I love it!

Looks like TAR 21 started one year ago yesterday.  A nice post from Gary TAR 21

"posted w/ permission"
One year ago Will Chiola and I left the comforts of American suburbia and and started out on an fantastic journey on The Amazing Race. It was the adventure of a lifetime! Every morning I felt like Indiana Jones setting out to seek the lost grail, and every evening I was grateful for the fact I had this unbelievable opportunity.

I can't thank Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri enough for creating this wonderful show and giving us the chance to compete on it! Thanks to Phil Keoghan,
Melanie Bousquet, Jennifer White, Andrew Corcoran, Patrick Cariaga, Matt Schmidt, Libby Hollingsworth, Vanessa Ballesteros, and all the multitude of people at WRP and CBS that I couldn't even begin to name. You guys work so very hard and do the seemingly impossible to make dreams come true. Thank you so much!

To my 21 friends on the Race, whom with I got to live this incredible adventure: Daniel, Amy, Ryan, Abbie, Josh, Brent, James, Jaymes, James, Abba, Trey, Lexie, Rob, Shelia, Natalie, Nayada, Caitlin, Brittany, Rob, and Kelly, we share a bond that no other 22 people can have. I wish all of you tremendous happiness and success in whatever endeavor your hearts take you on, and know we will always be together in spirit.

I hope my family, friends and the ten million people a week who watch the Race, enjoyed the quest as much as I did. Much thanks to all the well wishers and kind words that were sent my way., it meant a lot to me.

Being on the Race cemented my view that we do live in the greatest country in the world, and that the most important thing we have is opportunity. The opportunity to live our lives in freedom and in the manner that we are willing to work for. What we want is available to us, we just need to put in the real effort to obtain it. And even though people are different all over the world on the outside, on the inside we all have the same basic wants, needs, and desires. The need for love, to be loved, to provide for our families and to be happy. We need to realize and accept that to help make the world a better place. A place where we embrace diversity and know that we can all learn form each other.

To change the world we must first start with ourselves. Think Globally, Act Locally!

I will get off my soap box now. Thanks again to all who made this possible

gary wojnar ‏@garywojnar 6m

And there off! #amazingrace23 @AmazingRace_CBS @PhilKeoghan Good luck Hope you have the time of your life!

Awww, nice!!


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