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TAR 21: Rob Scheer & Sheila Castle "Engaged">>"Married"

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--- Quote from: Leafsfan on November 26, 2012, 06:33:15 PM ---In a bit of interesting trivia Tina on Survivor Panama (who coincidentally was also eliminated first) is Rob's brother.

--- End quote --- reported here :lol:,27200.msg786885.html#msg786885

There is breaking news that Sheila has died suddenly of an aneurysm. Will share more when we know.

Meanwhile, please keep Rob and her family in your thoughts and prayers. I loved their own love story, my heart is hurting right now....


Sad. First Bill and now her within 2 weeks :(

We didn't get to know them much due to being out leg 1, about all I remember is Rob being the first and only Alaskan racer and them being 15 seconds from making the Chippendales first boots.

My condolences.

Condolence to the family.. :(
Rob & Sheila were very fun people who I wished had raced a lot more and even returned for an early boot season.


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