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TAR 21: Jaymes Vaughan & James Davis "Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends"

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I hope they get over those infections without too much hassle. Those are never fun. Their schedule is insane these days, but after three weeks racing all this other stuff ought to be a breeze!

Jaymes and James received a huge package from the 4th graders at Saucier Elementary school at Mississippi. It contained various t-shirts from places the students visited recently, various games, gag stuff and tons of candies. Jaymes and James were having way too much fun last night with their toys especially the whoopee cushions....

I know this is last minute but I just found out that Jaymes and James are gonna be on The Doctors today with Ian Ziering.

James and Jaymes have the highest picture count of all the racers bar none. :P  :lol:

We all know they are coming back for the next All-stars so they gotta keep their popularity going. :lol3:


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