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TAR 21: Jaymes Vaughan & James Davis "Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends"

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Jaymes and James' debut at Atlantic City was a complete success! Here's their journey through tweeted pictures....

Jaymes and James jammin' with locals at the airport waiting for their flight to Atlantic City

They have arrived!

Their limo ride from the airport to Revel Resorts

Arriving at Revel Resorts

Having an amazing dinner at Revel

Post-dinner date with fans

Jaymes and James found out that they are presenting at the GLAAD media awards.

They are loving the view from their rooms. They love the ocean!

They did a walk-through of the venue they will be performing at....

Another picture of the venue they perform at

Sound check just completed

Promo at Revel

Right before the debut

It's a wrap!

Jaymes and James stealing this to be their souviner

Jaymes and James had a $200 coupon at Revel to get free food and it was expiring at midnight..

Doing press post show

Caps of their debut

HA HA I love this

Jaymes and James with a Joan Rivers look-a-like last night...


A must read! Excellent interview with Jaymes....


The conclusion of Jaymes and James' debut trip to Atlantic City

In the limo going to the airport.....big feet!

They had massive flight delays by like four hours so Jaymes introduced James to Bojangles Chicken which James never had it before and he's a changed person forever! He said it was the best taste ever!


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