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TAR 21: Jaymes Vaughan & James Davis "Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends"

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The issue would be that they would have to pay federal and state income taxes on their winnings, including the Fords. Not to mention any title and registration fees in whatever state they would file as residents.

Thus, by selling the Fords. Jaymes and James have the cash to pay the taxes, and can use the remainder the ways that are mentioned (medical bills for Jaymes dad, and buying a vehicle for James' mom.

Jaymes is attending the White Party at San Diego this weekend and he is the annual party's first ever ambassador. Carly Rae Jepsen is the celebrity musical guest and Jaymes will be introducing her on stage. He looks so AMAZING in white and this is my new current desktop background picture!

Jaymes' final performance:

It's official. Just took my headshot down from outside my dressing room at #ShowInTheSky. #DONE

And Jaymes is off to the white party!

Jaymes Vaughan ‏@JaymesV

And now... ROAD TRIP TO #PalmSprings to be the #WhitePartyAmbassador @ChrisSaldana behind the wheel

Jaymes being interviewed by a local news reporter before the White Party at Palm Springs...


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