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TAR 21: Jaymes Vaughan & James Davis "Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends"

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When it's their N #1 fan EVER , it's good.  :lol3:  ;)

I try to avoid this thread to avoid being depressed as a guy without abs.

But always failed to do so.

RFW 's post have been about Jaymes and James, and what they're up to post Race. That's no different than others posting about other media-savvy teams who have had a constant media presence from other seasons. Doesn't bother me at all. In addition, most of their activities have been publicity appearances on various TV and radio shows, and indirectly promotes TAR. :)

From People:

Amazing Race Star Jaymes Vaughan Releases Song to Help His Father

Jaymes Vaughan wanted to win The Amazing Race to raise funds for his father, who has been battling a rare form of cancer.

The fan favorite, a Chippendales dancer in Las Vegas, came up just short by finishing second, but he hasn't stopped trying to help his dad, Ed Vaughan.

His latest effort: moving up the release date of his new single, "Tonight," when his father's health took a turn for the worse. Proceeds from the song will go toward Ed's care and Jaymes says he was determined to release it while his father is here to see it.

"The song is all about making the most of one night and I think that's actually pretty fitting right now," he says of the upbeat dance track, which is available on iTunes and Amazon.

"I'm happy I get to share this moment with him, I just wish it was on completely different terms," Jaymes adds to PEOPLE. "Honestly, it sucks. But my dad always told me to look at the bright side of things, so that's what I'm going to do. "

"I am very proud of all of his accomplishments," adds Ed of his son, "but I'm even prouder of the way he has stepped up to the plate to help me."

As for his father's fight and fans' efforts to help, Jaymes tells PEOPLE, "I'm honestly very moved and can not thank everyone enough. I can not believe how much people from all over the world have stepped up to help my dad, whether its through donations, prayers or positive thoughts."

"Miracles can always happen, and I haven't given up hope," he adds. "So please, keep praying.",,20678363,00.html

Promo of Jaymes' new single, Tonight

courtesy of Dustree Productions


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