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TAR 21: Jaymes Vaughan & James Davis "Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends"

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After doing their shows last night, Jaymes and James toured the Goretorium. (Jaymes love horror shows/films and I assume James does, too)

Jaymes and James' pre-taped appearance on The Marie Osmond Show airs today at noon on the Hallmark Channel EST!

Jaymes, James and 3 other Chippendales flew in NYC last night. Apparently they are making an appearance on The View. Waiting on word if it airs today or if it is being pre-taped.

Jaymes and James waiting on their flight at Vegas yesterday

Jaymes, James, Jon, Sami and Chaun had dinner across from the Lincoln Center and then took in sights around the area

James enjoying his coffee during breakfast at Ed's Chowder House and his pinky's up! LOL

Jaymes and James did an appearance on the ABCNewsRadio this morning

The boys just arrived on the set of The View!

Chippendales' appearance on The View airs tomorrow!

Here's a great picture of Jaymes and James with Marie Osmond from when they taped their appearance on January 9th that airs today on the Hallmark channel....

photo courtesy of Hallmark


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