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TAR 21: James LoMenzo & Mark “Abba” Abbattista "Friends"

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I loved these two. They won 2 legs with 2 broken legs, falling through a pavement into sewage?! They were great guys, but knowing that is just incredible. Sorry to hear it happened. They are AllStars in my eyes, but I wouldn't see them returning after the ordeals.

Edit: Oops, I read more and saw they would be open to returning. That would be awesome! They were one of my favs in the season!  :cmas51

Great Interview!!

Awesome interview by one half of one of my favorite teams of All Time!

It's really a shame they weren't casted for this new All-Stars,instead of the pathetic teams that are in...And I think CBS will never remember then for any season like this,even with the way they were eliminated.

I'd love to see them on another season.

Best Loser:
I've got to say, out of all the interviews I've read this was a really good one. One thing I noticed:

--- Quote ---AVC: Their hotels might be nicer than where you guys stay.

MA: We’re all in the same hotels. Actually, most of the times after the legs, we ate with the crew. It’s kind of like you’re traveling as a family. You’re not in the rooms with each other, but Phil and Bertram and Elise, it’s their show and they’re out there with you.
--- End quote ---

Does this mean that teams aren't separated from each other during pitstops anymore?


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