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The Amazing Race: Rob and Kelley, “We were totally against what happened”
by Reg Seeton

This week on The Amazing Race 21, monster truckers Rob French and Kelley Carrington-French were eliminated from competition while in Istanbul, Turkey.

Although the husband and wife monster truck driving team of Rob and Kelley were in the thick of The Amazing Race all season long, Istanbul proved to be their undoing when the dynamic duo finished in last place. Like past seasons of The Amazing Race, city congestion and transit played a key role in slowing them down.

Earlier in the race, however, team James and Abba overcame a huge hurdle when twin sisters Natalie and Nadiya scooped their leg money and left the rockers to beg on the street for cash. As it turned out, James and Abba received a timely handout in order to remain in the race.

When it was all said an done this week on The Amazing Race, Rob and Kelley couldn’t make up enough ground to continue.

The day after their elimination, The Deadbolt caught up with Rob and Kelley to get their post race thoughts, their feelings on what happened with the twins, and what ultimately got them eliminated from The Amazing Race.

THE DEADBOLT: Are you both glad you stayed away from all of the drama with some of the other teams, or do you wish you would have played things differently?

KELLEY CARRINGTON-FRENCH: Oh no, absolutely! We’re not into drama in real life and we depend on each other. We just live life, the two of us doing our thing. Yeah, I don’t think we missed out on anything.

ROB FRENCH: I was overly glad that we weren’t in the middle of the theft situation because I would’ve had to speak up an say something to James and Abba. We were totally against what happened there, probably more than anybody, and we’re totally glad we weren’t in the middle of that.

THE DEADBOLT: After watching the episode on TV, what did you think when you saw the twins take the money?

KELLEY: I thought it was crazy!

ROB: I would’ve thought the twins would do something like that because they were dirty from the beginning of the race. But Trey and Lexi, they portrayed themselves as the good Christian kids that are totally All-American.

The last time I checked, being a thief isn’t All-American.

THE DEADBOLT: Kelley, you looked like you did well selling the drinks in the market. How tough was that?

KELLEY: I was surprised since I’m not really that much of an outgoing person. But I knew I had to accomplish the task and get it done quickly. So I just went to a far end of the market where I figured no one else went and started asking and begging for people to buy my drink.

THE DEADBOLT: Rob, what was the toughest aspect of the race for you that you weren’t expecting?

ROB: Getting eliminated. There wasn’t really anything on the race that was trying physically for me. Eating the fallopian tubes wasn’t very good. I didn’t enjoy the four bowls of that. The hardest thing was when Phil said, “you’re the last team to arrive,” and we were eliminated.

THE DEADBOLT: When you saw the Chippendales jump off the train, what did you both think?

KELLEY: Well, we’re not followers. We had already asked people what they thought was the best way to get to the part of the city. They all said the metro was the best way since traffic was atrocious in the morning, backed up, and we’d be stuck for a long time if we took a taxi. We felt confident in our decision after talking to the locals. Unfortunately traffic wasn’t heavy in the city that day. But we had no desire to jump ship and follow the Chippendales by any means.

THE DEADBOLT: What was it in the end that put you just far enough behind to get eliminated?

KELLEY: Definitely it was the two metros that we had to take. The first, which the Chippendales jumped off of, that wasn’t the bad one. That one was okay. But when you got to the end of it, you had to go up a couple of city blocks, across two streets, and then you had to get on another one. That one had a lot of inner-city stops. That was a bad move. That’s what put us so far behind. Had we get into a taxi as soon as we jumped off of the first metro, I think we would’ve been fine. We would have caught up to everyone else and the race would’ve been on.

How do you feel about the way Rob and Kelley raced, and what happened with the twins?


'Amazing Race': Rob and Kelley React to Elimination, Explain Why They Didn't Form Alliances
11/5/2012 by Kimberly Nordyke

The "married monster truckers" from Georgia, who came in last place in the sixth leg of the race, also reveal why the show was an eye-opening experience.

Rob French,   46, and   Kelley Carrington-French, 50, who hail from Boston, Ga., were eliminated in Sunday night's episode of The Amazing Race, which marked the sixth leg of the CBS reality competition.

After arriving in Istanbul, Turkey, the duo made a crucial mistake when they chose to take the subway instead of a taxi to get their first clue there. Even though the Chippendales team of Jaymes and James initially took the metro, they hopped off at one point, prompting Rob to call them "followers" who had made a "big mistake" by jumping off the train.

The sixth leg called for the teams to choose between a getting a Turkish bath or delivering a tray of simits, or Turkish bagels, to three destinations -- balanced on their heads. They also were asked to dress up in a traditional Turkish outfit and sell/serve 40 glasses of sherbet, which host Phil Keoghan called "the world's first soft drink," to customers in an indoor market.

But the monster truckers couldn't overtake the other six teams and came in last, resulting in their elimination.

On Monday, Rob and Kelley -- who also is a professional rodeo rider -- talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what went wrong, whom they are rooting for, how the show was an eye-opening experience and why they made the unusual decision to go with rolling suitcases.

The Hollywood Reporter: So where did it all go wrong?

Kelley Carrington-French: When it came to the task, it all worked out just fine. But when it came to our transportation, getting from point A to point B, it didn't work out.

THR: Do you wish you'd jumped off the subway with the Chippendales?

Rob French: I don't think so. They weren't that far in front of us anyway. They were actually at the last roadblock right next to us.

Kelley: The first metro we took was a good idea. But we had to get off that one and go through the street and catch another one that made all these little inner-city stops. We probably should have never taken that one; we probably should have taken a taxi.

THR: Before you reached the mat [where Keoghan was waiting], did you know you were going to be last?

Kelley: Yeah, we had pretty much figured it out. When we left the last task, we knew we were in last place. The only way it would have worked out [for us] is if something had stopped [Brent and Josh] from getting there -- them getting lost or in an accident.

THR: Most Amazing Race competitors carry oversized backpacks, but you both chose rolling suitcases. Did that slow you down?

Kelley: The rollers worked out well for us. Why carry everything around if you don't have to? You have a lot of stuff in there, and places you don't need to carry it, like the airport. A few times we picked it up [because of mud or other issues], but it didn't slow us down at all.

THR: You appeared to be the most ruthless team out there and had no interest in forming alliances.

Kelley: We do everything together. We rely on each other to get tasks done and things accomplished; we don't rely on outside people to help us. In reality, [other competitors] are not your friends. Why rely on somebody else? We're happy making decisions and going our own way.

Rob: The biggest thing for us, we were totally excited to even be chosen to be on Amazing Race. We made the decision as a couple to go do it. We did nothing on the Race that we are ashamed of. That is who we are. What you see is what you get.

THR: Rob, during the episode, you said that you use "cockiness and aggression to overcome obstacles." Can you explain that?

Rob: In life in general, people are always down on anybody. The first episode, right out of Phil's mouth, he said I was sweating and could I even do the race, and he actually gave me more drive to go harder and do the tasks even faster and try to make it to the end of the race. I'm cocky about things, and that builds confidence about yourself. I don't have to get any kind of praise from anybody else, and it comes out in me being cocky about things. The only way I can explain it is, I don't care what other people say to me because I have enough self-confidence and drive in myself to do whatever it is I want to do.

THR: Rob, some viewers have been critical of the way you spoke to Kelley. But on the mat, you showed a sensitive side when talking about your relationship. Is that how you are as a couple?

Kelley: Absolutely. We're definitely a very close couple. We do everything in life together. We love holding hands. We love hanging out together. We support each other in whatever we do in life.

Rob: And if we make a decision and maybe it doesn't turn out to be the exact way we wanted it to be, I can tell you that we both support each other and don't point fingers. If we win or lose it's the same. We support each other 100 percent.

THR: What was the hardest part about being on the show?

Kelley: Getting eliminated.

THR: And the best?

Rob: It opened up my eyes to things I was closed-minded about, like gay couples. It opened my eyes with Josh and Brent that two people can love each other. It doesn't make a difference what race, creed, gender. Those two guys absolutely showed the same affection with each other as me and Kelley. It opened my eyes to a whole new world out there. In a way that I might have [previously] judged somebody, I would never put myself in that position again.

THR: Who are you rooting for?

Kelley: The Beekman Boys [Josh and Brent], absolutely. They have been underdogs just like we were underdogs. We love [the rockers] James and Abba too.

Rob: If either of those win, it would just tickle us to death.


Amazing Race's Rob and Kelley: We Would've Given the Money Back
Nov 5, 2012 07:04 PM ET
by Joyce Eng

Rob and Kelley got the boot on Sunday's Amazing Race, but the post-show hubbub isn't about their exit, but rather Natalie and Nadiya keeping James and Abba's money after finding it in a travel agency. "We couldn't believe that. We were shocked watching it," Kelley tells "We had no idea that happened. That was crazy." The monster truckers say they would've returned the money and — unlike the show — penalized not only the twins, but Trey and Lexi, with whom the girls split the money. How would they have punished them? Plus: Find out what you didn't see in Sunday's episode.

What's your take on the money issue?
Kelley: It was crazy! [Laughs]
Rob: My take is this: If they didn't know whose money it was, I wouldn't have any issue with them taking it. But they plainly stated whose money it was and they said they wished that it was one of the other team's money. Blatantly in the rules it says that you cannot take anybody else's stuff. Period. They absolutely knew whose money it was and the guys were in the same room with them. I feel like it was wrong of CBS not to penalize them.

It seems like the show doesn't consider that stealing because the rockers lost it.
Rob: Which I don't agree with. Both teams should've been disqualified for theft. That's the way that I feel. I wouldn't want my children to learn from that situation. ... All the fan comments I've seen online and on Facebook feel the same way. They feel like there's a rule because there's supposed to be a rule. With production saying, "Oh, they didn't know whose money it was" — that's a lie. They said it right on camera that it was the rockers' money. They knew and the right thing to do is to return it to the people it belongs to.

So obviously you would've given it back.
Rob: Yes. We had two situations on the Race where we had other people's things and we made sure the teams got their stuff.
Kelley: At the beginning of the Race, we were the last ones to get our bags. As it turned out, we also had another team's [fanny pack]. We realized it when we got to the airport and we brought it to production.
Rob: And the other incident was we saw a taxi leaving with all the Chippendales' [Jaymes and James] stuff, and Kelley jumped out of our taxi and told the driver, "You can't leave until they get back."
Kelley: He was following our taxi and we said, "You cannot go. They'll never find you. You have to stay here until they come back because you have all their stuff." We could've let him follow us and they would've been running through the marketplace looking for their stuff.

This whole thing is overshadowing your elimination.
Kelley: We just got pushed right by! [Laughs] That's OK!
Rob: It's all right. I feel like everything we did on the Race was very ethical and very much part of who we are. I felt very strong about our last comments on the mat and me being able to share with the world how much I love my wife and how much we're in love. We never fell to the level of some of the other teams. We were always supportive of each other, we played fair, we played the game on our playing field. We didn't follow the other teams. We didn't do what they were doing; we did what we were doing. That's the way we felt the way the game was supposed to be played. I didn't think it should be a team effort; I thought it was individuals working to win. We're very proud of what we did. If we were invited to go back, we'd definitely go back, but we'd still play our game.

Did you know you were last when you were the only ones left at the Roadblock?
Kelley: Yeah, but they could've gotten lost on the way or got stuck in traffic or there could've been some kind of incident. We had different incidents happen with taxis, so anything could've happened. But we knew in our hearts that we were last.

How far behind were you?
Rob: We were close because [Josh and Brent] were still on the mat talking to Phil when we arrived.
Kelley: They had to step off the mat when we came, so it was minutes.
Rob: When you watch the show, there are a lot of things that happen that [aren't] included in the show. [Viewers] didn't see that we got detained by the police.

How did that happen?
Rob: We were running down the street and they didn't know if we had robbed something or what we had done. Then our camera guy told them, "No, they're not with me" because he didn't know what to say. [Laughs] The police didn't speak English and they wanted to check our paperwork, so they had to find somebody who spoke English to be able to translate back to them so they wouldn't take us to jail. That took about 45 minutes to an hour.
Kelley: We actually had to take two metros. After the first one, you had to get off, run a city block and cross two streets to get to the second metro. We were running from one to the other, so that's when we got stopped.

You were adamant about staying on the metro even though taking a taxi was faster.
Kelley: The people on there insisted that that was the best way and the traffic was too heavy. But as we saw on TV, they were definitely wrong! The traffic was not heavy at all. It was heavy later in the day, but in the morning, the correct move was to take a taxi.

How long did the train take?
Kelley: The first one wasn't very long, but the second one was inner city, so it kept stopping every block. The first one didn't have a lot of stops. We should've never gotten on the second one. And we probably wouldn't have gotten stopped by the police either because we would've gotten a taxi right away!

And you never thought about getting off the train with the Chippendales?
Rob: We don't follow.
Kelley: We just trusted the fellow who helped us get on the train and get the coins and everything. We asked him if he thought they were making the right move or if they were screwing up and he said, "Definitely stay on the metro. The traffic's too heavy." We just went with the local's advice.

You guys took your own flight a few weeks ago and it arrived four hours later. Did you not do any research for better flights?
Rob: We didn't do research. We had no idea the other teams were on a better flight. I guess our biggest problem was we didn't know enough about all the different aspects of the Race and we weren't looking for anything. So after we got our tickets, we went up to the stands and sat down. We were going to sleep.
Kelley: But there was a task layover and we started with everyone else in the morning, so the flight didn't hurt us. We had a relaxing day. We didn't have to deal with anyone else!

In hindsight, was running your own race a good idea? You got lucky with the flight and bunching, but the metro didn't work out.
Kelley: It's probably not the right way to run completely on your own. In hindsight, when it came to the competitions and tasks, we were very good at all those things if we read the clue correctly! [Laughs] So I guess if we had stayed in a group with other teams, it would've worked out to our advantage as we got to each task and we could see where we were. But hindsight's 20/20.

What are you up to now?
Kelley: We just got back from the rodeo finals and we're getting ready to head to Texas for another rodeo. Rob just got back from Guatemala and Nicaragua with the monster trucks.
Rob: I'm going to Argentina in December.

So you're still globe-trotting.
Rob: Pretty much! We told them in our interviews that we already live The Amazing Race. It's Amazing Race with money and a credit card in your pocket and a phone and GPS. And hopefully nobody steals them!


Amazing Race Rob: Beekman Boys Opened My Eyes
November 05, 2012

Monster-truckers Rob and Kelley unfortunately reached the end of their Amazing Race journey on Sunday night. ET catches up with the pair, who share their dismay at Sunday night's inter-team money grab, and Rob explains how the Beekman boys changed his perspective on gay couples.

ETOnline: What did you think of Nadiya and Natalie taking the Rockers' money and splitting it with Trey and Lexi?

Kelley: I just thought that was crazy!

Rob: I can tell you that we didn't know anything about it. And we had a lot of questions toward us about the commercials because I guess they were sayin' somebody stole the money and then they showed our picture, which I thought was crazy. But it was definitely, as far as I'm concerned, I felt that it was a rule violation and I felt that both teams should have been eliminated from the race.

ETOnline: Did they tell you ahead of time that you couldn't do something like that?

Rob: Yes they did. They told us you couldn't touch anybody else's things, you couldn't take anything from anybody else and... I guess whatever the deal was, they said they just picked it up off the ground, and even though they knew whose money it was, it wasn't a violation of the rules. So... we didn't make the rules, we just lived by them. We would never take anybody's money, or anything from anybody. So... as far as I'm concerned I'm glad I didn't have to wake up today and go to anybody in my town that's seen the show, and explain myself for taking somebody else's stuff. ... I can tell ya from the minute that we met the twins, they would do anything to win the race. That was their M.O. from the beginning.

Kelley: But they let you know that up front. They were hardcore, and they would do what it takes. The other two I was really shocked.

Rob: The other two played the angel role, and when they were involved in that last night, it totally surprised me and Kelley to see the two Texans, Trey and Lexi, be a part of something that was wrong. Absolutely wrong.

ETOnline: Well, actually it seemed like the rockers turned a negative into a positive.

Kelley: Oh absolutely! They handled it with grace and charm. They just went out, and went back to work, and earned themselves some money and went on their way. Didn't say anything. Didn't cry, didn't complain, didn't talk to anybody. Just picked up the pieces and went on. They were definitely an inspiration.

ETOnline: And what did you think after watching last night's show of all the Bangladeshi people who had given them money?

Rob: Well, I can tell you that they went to the financial district, where the people there have money. And you know, by them getting the money, I thought it was...

Kelley: It was very gracious of them to chip in and help out. It shows there's humanity everywhere.

ETOnline: In terms of, you being eliminated last night, if you could go back and do it again, would you have done anything differently?

Kelley: Um, probably we would've taken the first Metro, and then gotten the cab from there. The way it worked, you had to take one Metro that didn't have a lot of stops. But then you had to get off of it, and run a couple city blocks, and cross a couple streets, and then get on another one. And that's the one that had a lot of city stops. So yeah, we still woulda took the first Metro, but we probably woulda got a cab right there and continued on our way. But hindsight is 20/20 so, we just went along with... we talked to locals there, and they said that definitely the Metro was the way to go, that traffic was horrendous, and we wouldn't be able to get through. But after watching the show, I guess they didn't realize that traffic wasn't heavy that day.

Rob: Well, but I can tell you that we are totally happy with our decisions and what we did, because we didn't follow anybody. We were very independent from day one. And if we did it again, we would still be independent. Because we'd never let anybody else influence us, or make our decisions for us. And so, we wouldn't change our life now. We've done quite well in life. We live a very blessed life. And we wouldn't change anything that we do.

ETOnline: Throughout the whole race, which challenge did you find the hardest?

Kelley: Uh, for me the hardest challenge was the day I had to make the scale. The heat was intense. We were wearing long-sleeves. My long-sleeved shirt happened to be a long-sleeved thermal shirt, 'cause that's all I had with me. And so the heat was intense, I was already dehydrated before we got to that task. Drinks were in the trunk of the taxi, we didn't take time to stop and get 'em. So when we got to the task, I chose to do it and then it was in the heat of the sun, and everything was so hot, I had to keep moving these fifty pound logs to stand on. And it just... that was extremely challenging for me.

ETOnline: It seemed like that would be harder depending on each contestant's height too.

Kelley: Oh, absolutely. I was definitely too short for it, so that's why I had to keep standing these stumps, one on top of each other. And then get on top of them. And then, do my ropes, or hang my scale. And when you moved the legs, you'd be out of position, so you'd have to move, they were about fifty pounds a piece, the stumps. And I had to move those continuously every time I did something with my scale. So it got very, very tiring. And then I just got so dehydrated that I had to sit for a minute.

ETOnline: And Rob, what was the hardest challenge for you?

Rob: I didn't feel I had any hard challenges. The biggest thing was I had to eat the frog fallopian tubes. And that was another case of us listening to the twins, [who said], "Sit down and eat it, Rob! Sit down and eat it!" And we didn't finish reading our clue. Not just the situation there. None of the stuff was... bad taste and it just stunk. It was really stinky, and you know, they were telling us frog fallopian tubes. It's a mind game. But there was really no hard challenges. I can't say that anything that we did was too tough.

ETOnline: I wanted to ask you both, what did you learn about other cultures on the race?

Rob: We travel a lot in our business. And so we see a lot of different cultures all the time. As far as the cultures, I don't think I learned too much. With the exception of a lot of those people in Bangladesh, they work hard every day, and they don't have anything to show for it for the most part. The biggest thing that I learned along the race was, you know, to keep your mind open to other lifestyles as in Josh and Brent being a gay couple. I never knew that it was more of a love thing, than something that they just decided to do. And it opened my eyes to not be so... I guess you would say... dumb to other people's lives. It's not for me to judge anybody. I think that was the biggest thing for me. I learned that it's not my place to judge people. And so it opened my eyes to that situation.

ETOnline: What was the number one thing you missed about home when you were on the race?

Kelley: For me, it was my family. I really missed my family, and my mom, and my dad, and my son, they live with us. So, we interact with them every single day...

Rob: Well, Kelley's kinda tellin' a story. She misses her horses more than anything.

Kelley: Probably, they were at the top of the list too.

Rob: And you know, I didn't really... my life is so grounded and surrounded with Kelley, that we were together. So there wasn't a whole lot of things at home that I, you know, missed. I love my wife so much, so to be with her...

Kelley: Maybe a daily shower would've been nice.

Rob: Right. A daily shower probably would've been the best thing.

ETOnline: So Rob, in your online profile, you had said you hoped that the race would bring the two of you closer, and I wanted to ask you if it has?

Rob: I would say that yes it did, because of the things I just told you about. Of me opening up, and not being so judgmental about different people. It made me, and that used to bother Kelley, and that was really the only thing that we ever had differences of opinion on, was she says, "It's not for you to judge anybody." You know, in another life that's for God to judge, you're not to judge people, and I think I learned that on the race, and it brought me and Kelley closer.

ETOnline: So one last question. I wanted to ask you who do you think will win the race?

Kelley: I don't know. Our favorite people on the show are the Beekman boys, but we also like Abba and James. I think they're real smart players, the Beekman boys are more the lucky players with a lot of courage and guts. So either one of those would be happy for us.

Rob: And you know we really didn't have any issue with anybody on the race at all. I mean we got along with everybody. But after last night's episode, I definitely do not want to see the twins or the Texans win. Because I feel that they were one-hundred percent wrong in what they did. The Texans more than anything showed their true colors when they were so phony about being this wholesome, Texan, God-fearin' people. It would really upset me if either one of those teams won.


Exclusive: Rob French and Kelley Carrington-French talk 'The Amazing Race' (Part 1)
By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 11/05/2012

Rob French and Kelley Carrington-French were eliminated from The Amazing Race during Sunday night's sixth broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 21st season.

The "Married Monster Truckers" became the fifth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's sixth Pit Stop at the Savarona ship -- which was originally purchased for the founder of the Republic of Turkey -- in Istanbul, Turkey in last place mainly due to an unfortunately long metro ride.

In an exclusive interview on Monday, Rob and Kelley talked to Reality TV World about their The Amazing Race experience -- including how far behind Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge they believed they were once they got to the Pit Stop, why they were so convinced taking the metro all the way to the ferry terminal was the right decision and whether they would've decided to keep the lost $100 just like Natalie Anderson and Nadiya Anderson chose to.

Below is the first half of Rob and Kelley's interview. Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: About how far behind Josh and Brent do you think you finally got to the Pit Stop? The show made it look like you were pretty far behind them so was that really the case?

Kelley Carrington-French: No, I think we were fairly close. No, definitely not a long way behind them.

Reality TV World: It seemed like what ultimately cost you two the Race was how you chose to take the subway for the entire distance to the ferry terminal. All the other teams, except the "Chippendales" Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis, took taxis -- but even the "Chippendales" ended up getting off the subway mid-route to take a taxi. So why were you two so convinced that Jaymes and James made a bad move of getting off the subway at the time?

Kelley Carrington-French: The locals that we spoke with and even the locals that were on that metro with us, they insisted that the traffic in the morning in the city is so bad that the taxis would be jammed up and not able to get through.

So they were really adamant that we were making the right choice. So, we don't live there. We don't even live in a city. We live in a really small town of like 1,400 people, so when they're saying the city's backed up and not to use it, we went with their judgement call.

As we've seen on the show, the city wasn't blocked up that day. It was actually moving quite freely, so it was just one of those deals. We made a decision and we had to live with it.

Reality TV World: So was there ever a point you did consider hopping off like Jaymes and James had, or were you pretty set in your ways of wanting to stay on that subway?

Kelley Carrington-French: We never thought of jumping off like Jaymes and James. When that metro actually ended, you had to get off of it and go a couple city blocks and cross a couple of streets and get onto another one. So when we got off of that first one, we did discuss, "Should we just grab a taxi and go the rest of the way or should we continue on the metro?"

And then we chose to continue on the metro. So, we talked about it. That second metro actually stopped like constantly because it was in the actual city itself, and that was the one that was really slow that probably jammed us up.

Reality TV World: About how long would you say the entire subway ride was for you? And about how long into that ride do you think Jaymes and James stepped off to find a taxi?

Kelley Carrington-French: I really don't know.

Rob French: They got off like the second...

Kelley Carrington-French: I think the first... The very first stop at the very first subway was when they hopped off and they were gone for however far it went. I don't really know. It just all kind of seemed to blend together. But definitely, the city was not blocked up. The taxis were definitely the way to go. I mean, it was just one of those days where city traffic was going smoothly.

Reality TV World: Right after that subway incident, you guys fell into last place and it seemed like you could never recover from that. But was there ever a point in the remainder of the leg when you thought you had caught up to another team? Was there a moment when you thought, "We definitely still have a chance to survive this leg?"

Kelley Carrington-French: We had seen Josh and Brent at the bread-delivery place, so we knew they had a Speed Bump along the way. So we had assumed they had already gotten their Speed Bump, so we knew we were in trouble.

They had a Speed Bump and yet they were still at the same place we were. They were a bit ahead of us delivering their bread. They were already done delivering it while we were still trying to find the locations.

So we felt like we were in the hunt depending on what went on from there on out. But there really wasn't a lot of taxi drivers or transportation like that to get from that leg to the next spot. You had to just go on foot and Rob was hurt, so it was a little -- we were like, "Yeah, we've fallen behind, I think."

Reality TV World: Going back to the Detour task in which you guys delivered bread, the other "Scrub it" task definitely seemed easier and faster. Would you agree with that?

Kelley Carrington-French: It did, but the problem was, we didn't have a lot of money and the "Scrub it" one, you had to pay for your own supplies. And we didn't know how much that was going to cost, and then we didn't know if we were going to have to take more taxis or trams or anything.

We really didn't have a lot of money left, so our main reason for picking the bread one was the money issue. We thought, "Well, we'll just do the physical labor and go on," because if you don't have any money for taxis, we can't go anywhere. So we opted to save our money for the taxi rides.

Reality TV World: If you did have all the money you needed and you ended up doing the "Scrub it" task instead, do you think you would've had a chance to survive in the Race another leg?

Kelley Carrington-French: I don't know, because I don't know how long that took. I don't think Rob would've liked it though because he doesn't like a real hard massage, so he probably would've ended up screaming at the guy or something. So, it probably wouldn't have been the best choice for us.

Reality TV World: Do you guys have any idea how long it took you to complete the "Simit" Detour task?

Kelley Carrington-French: Maybe an hour.

Reality TV World: Kelley, you seemed to breeze through that Roadblock task in which you sold refreshments. Did you get through it as fast as the show made it look?

Kelley Carrington-French: Oh absolutely. I did. I'm not really that much of an outgoing person, so I was like, "Oh my God, do I really have to do this?" But I just took on the task and I kind of went further down to the marketplace as to not repeat customers, because they were all kind of mingling in the same area.

They were already halfway or beyond selling their drinks, the last two teams that were there, and I went further down. I found fresh people to buy my drinks and I definitely breezed through it.

Reality TV World: You two obviously approached The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan at the Pit Stop mat expecting to be in last place. Since Josh and Brent just had a non-elimination leg in the previous leg, did you have any hope of a back-to-back non-elimination or did you kind of think your chances were slim of that happening again so soon?

Kelley Carrington-French: No, we thought for sure, "This is the end of the road for us."

Reality TV World: A lot of viewers have been talking about how easy Josh and Brent's Speed Bump task was because all they had to do was eat ice cream -- which looked so horrible. (Laughs)

Kelley Carrington-French: (Laughs)

Reality TV World: So when you watched last night's episode, what were your own thoughts on that? Did it frustrate you a little they weren't given anything a bit more challenging or time consuming?

Kelley Carrington-French: Yeah, it was odd that that's all they had to do. It was a hot day. It was like everybody's dream to eat some ice cream. Yeah, this wasn't really a task -- I'd take it on, literally. So yeah, I was surprised that this was all they had to do, but that's what they chose! That's how it worked out.

Reality TV World: Last night's episode showed Natalie and Nadiya finding James LoMenzo and Mark "Abba" Abbattista's $100 and then stealing it to gain an advantage in the leg. What was your reaction when they did that, and also, how did you react once you saw Trey Wier and Alexis "Lexi" Beerman actually went along with it and kept half the money for themselves?

Kelley Carrington-French: Yeah, we were shocked. I thought that was crazy! I couldn't believe that actually happened. I think the twins, you know, they made it known that they would do whatever it took -- They were hardcore and they were going to play it tough.

But, so you know, I was shocked that they did it. But the fact that they did it, I was like, "Yeah, I would believe that they would do that." But Trey and Lexi, I was totally shocked that they went right along with it and they shared the profit of it. I just couldn't believe it.

Reality TV World: So just to clarify, you were clearly shocked when you found out the two teams had taken that money from James and Abba, but if you were in the twins' shoes, would you have done the same thing or would you have definitely returned the money to the guys?

Kelley Carrington-French: Oh absolutely I would have returned the money to James and Abba! I would've never taken their money. That's crazy.

Above is the first half of Rob and Kelley's interview. Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion.


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