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TAR 21: Natalie and Nadiya Anderson "Twin Sisters"

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Thanks for the link, Leafsfan.

--- Quote from: RaceUntilWeDie on December 11, 2012, 08:41:36 PM ---I read somewhere that the Twins actually did complete the mushroom Roadblock far ahead of the Beekman's but were forced by production to go back because they apparently did something wrong? It also looks to be why the Twins looked pretty unhappy arriving at the mat. Thoughts?

I am looking for an official source..

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It would be nice if you have a link to reference this supposedly rumored scenario. It was not shown in the episode nor did the Twins say anything of this nature in their interviews. Btw, what the twins described happened in their interviews, is exactly what was shown in the episode.


--- Quote from: Joab on December 21, 2012, 11:20:30 AM ---Thanks DrRox for sharing! That explains why the twins didn't even have a single chance of catching up to Josh and Brent who finished squarely in last. :)

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I came across Chambon back in June when looking for the other locations. When they headed that way in the episode, I just went Uh OH!!


--- Quote from: DrRox on December 20, 2012, 06:53:16 PM ---If the Twinnies got 3rd, but had to go back to do the RB, how come they drove to the wrong town for the pit stop, after finishing the RB. Looks to me that they would have known how to find the PitStop pretty quickly if they had already been there once.

Kandace, your hypothesis just doesn't make sense.

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Didn't the same thing happen to Caitlin & Brit in Leg 3?

The re-do of the mushroom task was multiply reported at TARcon and in some of the video interviews as well. I can't remember which, but it came directly from the twins. I am sure a search would turn it up.


--- Quote ---Reality TV World: Natalie, I know you mentioned you girls didn't pay close attention to how long things took you. But do you have any idea how long it took you to finish that mushroom Roadblock task? And also, what was the most complicated thing about the task?

Natalie Anderson: The most complicated thing was -- well, me and Nadi first of all, we ran into this stupid kid who was giving us directions. We honestly were in the cave for about 10 minutes, just running around looking for our clue, because we just ran in like crazy people. And then we had to run back out and actually do the task the way I was instructed to get it done.

Altogether, I think it took at least 45 minutes at the mushrooms, with the messing up and the errors and then the coming back out. The cave was enormous, so confusing.

I don't know what other people did to find the mushrooms, but at the end, the only reason I found the blue mushrooms is there was like a little painted spot at the top of the cave, because the blue mushrooms were the hardest to find. So yeah, it probably took 45 minutes altogether.
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Is it this? Not a re-do, but they were running around in the cave searching for the clue and perhaps they picked some mushroom and went to the guy (and amazingly were the right ones?) then they were told to go do it the right way, pick up the baskets and everything and go back into the cave again to search for the required mushrooms. We saw a bit of twinnies running about madly in the cave as well, not knowing what to do on Leg 11 as well.


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