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BB14 Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/29/12

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Frank HOH

Dan is the ONLY Have Not

America chose Matzoh's and Mozzarella

Frank still in his Carrot suit

Jenn on slop till she leaves or end of the game

Britney and Danielle are up for Eviction

Shane and Frank in KT

Frank I feel bad for Brit she is really down man

Shane yeah I know but the wizard says we cant tell her...fishies

Shane I guess it is illegal well not illegal....fishies

Danielle in and talking about her allergy issues

Brit hugs ian and ian says im sorry.. are you ok

 brit it  will be ok ian

 Ian and brit are both crying

 ian when you get to jury tell ashley that it was frank that treated me shirty..

ian i want you to win

BBAD just started

Ian and Britney at the hammock. She knows she is leaving. Ian telling her he's going after Frank if he get HOH

Britney goes inside, grab Danielle and go in the arcade room and closed the door. Britney told her that Ian told her that Danielle is staying. They hugged and are crying. Britney saying she's glad she knows.


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