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okay I am confused....I did not really follow the show, but last night I turned it on for the last 5 minutes and it was a lady pickign guys.....last time it was a guy picking a girl.  Did the other show end and the new one start already??

Did anyone watch this?  Did the girl pick the money or love.

Funny thing all the guys wanted the money.

Yes..its  a whole new show Texan
I've been recapping it here

So, I think the outcome of this is she is going to break some guy';s heart and walk with her million.... none of those guys would do that to her , do you think?

oh she is taking the know it :)X

Yes, I do believe she is as well. That is why she is not allowing herself to get attached to any of these men. Does anyone else follow this show or is it just me for now? :\/


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